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Post-Incident Stress Debriefing (PISD) - coming 01/02/2021

Are you looking for a skilled facilitator to help debrief staff after an incident? Post-incident stress debriefing is a process for dealing with the impact of traumatic events. It is intended to help those involved in a potentially stress-inducing incident share their experiences and learn about stress reactions and symptoms.  More here.

Mental resilience training for emergency services

We have an interest and experience in delivering mental resilience training to emergency services personnel.

Responding to emergency situations is both rewarding and challenging work. Sources of stress for emergency responders may include witnessing human suffering, risk of personal harm, intense workloads, life-and-death decisions, and separation from family.

Stress prevention and management are critical for responders to stay well and to continue to help in challenging situations. There are important steps responders can take to maintain their mental resilience before, during, and after an event. To take care of others, responders must be feeling well and thinking clearly. Our training provides evidence-based skills for life.

If you run an organisation or are an individual associated with the emergency services and would be interested in starting with an orientation session about developing mental resilience, or would just like an informal chat, please contact us here.