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What is mindfulness-based mental resilience training?

Mindfulness is simple but not easy to achieve.  In life, we struggle to pay appropriate attention to what we are doing. We get caught-up in over-thinking which impacts our well-being and this makes us unnaturally tired and prone to depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness is an integrated, mind-body based training that helps people to calm the mind, enabling emotional regulation. With calmer, more peaceful minds, we are able to handle the inevitable ups and downs of modern life more skilfully.

The benefits have been widely reported, with scientific studies showing the following:

  • people who regularly practice mindfulness, show changes in the brain associated with decision-making, attention and empathy
  • the area in the brain associated with the regulation of emotion is increased by regular meditation
  • regular meditators report an improvement in attention, job performance, and productivity
  • meditation has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system

People who have learned and continue to regularly practise mindfulness, report:

  • long-lasting physical and psychological stress reduction
  • an overall increase in their well-being
  • are better able to control addictive behaviour
  • less likely to get stuck in depression and unnatural tiredness

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