Account Team Manager

Sue is one of the most positive, proactive, & effective people that I have every worked for. For Sue, the client is king. She prioritizes work to ensure that client expectations, and deadlines, are consistently met. This is achieved through thorough, regular team briefings and attention to detail to ensure quality delivery, and effective resourcing.

She maintains a close relationship with key clients which usually results in profitable business growth. Within these relationships, & through close team leadership, she is able to identify business opportunities, exploring & quantifying them, & then coordinating focused efforts to secure them.

Relationship building is one of Sue’s core skills. This is achieved with client team members, internal colleagues and external suppliers. Through a combination of exploring the needs of individuals, setting or agreeing clear objectives, providing clear communication and focus, and generally showing passion for what she does, she leads by example and can manage to take even the most challenging of individuals along with her.

Not only an advocate for the value of teamwork, Sue demonstrates this through the synergy that she gains from those that she manages. She is keen to understand what makes different individuals ‘tick’, gaining respect from those that she deals with, in addition to within her own team. Her very personal, yet professional approach motivates & brings out the best in people. In my experience people enjoy working with, or for Sue.